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Mercusys company

Mercusys company 

Mercury router setup

Mercury router setup

in this article, we will learn Mercury router set up before we start let’s know about company Mercusys specializes in providing the essential devices that form the backbone of your connected life. A wide and steadily growing array of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi adapters, repeaters, access points, and SOHO switches help you get the most out of your internet connection and turn your home or small office into a thriving epicenter of connectivity.

Our philosophy emphasizes the central role of research and development in creating products that have the power to improve daily life. Mercusys is home to a large team of dedicated research and development engineers with years of experience. We cooperate with leading technical professionals from around the world and develop innovative products through our partnerships with renowned chipset manufacturers, including MediaTek and Qualcomm.

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Type of Product in Mercury


This article is more related to rooter that’s why I am mentioning only Mercury router 

Mercury router type 

They have the following type of routers

Sr No





Mercury router AC12G


Mercury router AC12


Mercury router MW330HP


Mercury router MW325R


Mercury router MW305R


Mercury router MW302R


Mercury router MW305R


Mercury router MW305R

Mercury router MW305R


  • 300Mbps wireless speed is ideal for HD streaming, online gaming, and large file downloads
  • Three 5dBi antennas greatly increase wireless signal strength, size, and stability
  • Intuitive webpage guides you through the setup process in minutes


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Now we will learn step by step guide for Mercury router setup


Mercury router setup

 Step 1 :

  • Complete the setup of device connection
  • Check the wifi network in your phone or laptop
  • The default wifi network with the name of the router (mercury00MW305) will show in the network device.
  • Connect with that network


Step 2 :

Type in the URL section mercury login mercury login


Step 3

  • Set a password for your device
  • The password should be 6-15 characters long, combination on number and symbol. If something changes new information you will get on-site, during setup
mercury router login

mercury router login

Step 4

In this section, you will know about how to change the password in Mercusys

This is for your ISP provider.

  • Username

In this section please enter your ISP username

  • Password

In Password section your ISP password

ISP (internet service provider)

means a local internet provider, providing internet service to you.



ISP Config for mercury router

ISP Config for mercury router


Step 5 :

In this screen provide user internet name like I have named “JSR Techno Talks”

  • In the password, section enter your password that you have set on step 3
User Create fir mercury router

Create for mercury router

Then click the finish button


mercusys router service center setup

Mercusys router service center setup


Now you have completed all steps find your Wi-Fi then connect.


Try to login again
Enter the Password
mercusys router Login Screen

Mercusys router Login Screen


This will display you all details that belong to the mercury router setup
mercusys router details Screen

Mercusys router Login Screen


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In this article, I will explain step by step guide

  • how you can set up a mercury router.
  • Some useful buy links
  • To Setup, you need to follow simple steps
  1. Connect with WIFI / Set A new password / Provide SIP user ID and password
  2. Create your wifi name / Finish router setup
  3. Connect with your new wifi name.