RPA is robotic process automation and in RPA we mostly work with Data tables. Sometimes we need to rename data table column names in uipath.

How we achieve this, below are the simple steps.


Step 1: 

  • Use a sequence activity
  • Then Use Build Data Table
  • Table name is myDataTable
Build Data Table in UiPath

Build Data Table in UiPath


  • In the Above Example, We use A Data Table with column names A & B
Give Some Default value

Step 2:


  • Use Assign activity
  • and use the below code.


  • Assign Activity in UiPath

    Assign Activity in UiPath



Step 3:


Drag the “Output Data Table” activity into the design panel and try to convert Datatable into String type.


Output Data Table in UIpath

Output Data Table


Hope You will get a clear idea, For the result please try at once 😉