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What are DataTables?

  • DataTable is the type of variable that can store data as a simple spreadsheet with rows and columns.
  • DT Data can be identified based on their unique column and row coordinates.
  • DT behaves as the memory representation of an Excel worksheet.

How we can create Data tables in UiPath?

There are multiple activities in the UIPath for creating a data table

  • Build Data Table
  • If you are working with excel then, From the property tab, Output type data Table



Data Table in Ui Path


What are the most common Data Table activities use in UiPath?


Add Data Column
Add Data Row
Build Data Table
Clear Data Table
Filter Data Table
For Each Row
Generate Data Table
Join Data Tables
Lookup Data Table
Merge Data Table
Output Data Table
Remove Data Column
Remove Data Row
Remove Duplicate Rows
Sort Data Table


UIPath Interview Questions on Data Table is the most challenging one,  below are some of them

Suppose,  we are using the Join Table activity for Join two tables and, There is no column match. how we handle this?

We will use the Full Join activity under the Join table activity

Data Table Joins

Data Table Joins



Diff between Merge Data Table and Join table

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How many tables required to join the Data Table

  • 3 table, 2 Input DataTables, and 1 Output DataTable.

What are the diff type of Joins in In Data Table?

  • Inner: Keep all rows from both tables that meet the Join rule. Any rows that do not meet the rule are removed from the resulting table.
  • Left: Keep all rows from DataTable1 and only the values from DataTable2 which meet the Join rule. Null values are inserted into the column for the rows from DataTable1 that don’t have a match in the DataTable2 rows.
  • Full: Keep all rows from DataTable1 and DataTable2, regardless of whether the join condition is met. Null values are added into the rows from both tables that don’t have a match.