Firstly thanks to UiPath, a well-dedicated learning platform, I am preparing this blog from there, to helps many of user like me who is looking for a job change. This article is dedicated to what is the selectors in UiPath?

What are the selectors in UiPath?

In UiPath Selector act as a collection of string which helps us to identify the element on Screen


Selector helps to identify the UI element based on its attribute and address, stored in XML. Selector works on exact match of its attribute

What a selector does / purpose of a Selector?

  • It contains GUI element details in the shape of XML fragments that help identify UI elements.

What are the common components in the property panel?

  • Common
    • Continue on Error
    • Delay After
    • Delay Before
    • Display Name
  • Target
  • Input
  • Options

Common Activities used in UI Automation Activities

  • Containers
  • Input Activities
  • Output Activities
  • Synchronization Activities
UiPath Component

UiPath Component



What it does

DelayAfter  /  DelayBefore

How many milliseconds the Robot waits before or after executing the activity.


Will an exception encountered while executing the activity be thrown or ignored. For example, if the element is not found, will the Robot throw an error and stop the execution or will it ignore it and continue?) 


Provides several properties related to identifying the target UI Element.

Timeout (milliseconds)

How many milliseconds will the Robot try to perform an action on an UI element. 

SendWindowsMessages / Simulate Type

What input method do we use for input activities.

Most popular targeting method in UIPath / what are the common selector’s in UiPath

They provide several ways to identify the UI element. The key targeting methods are:

  • Selectors 
  • Fuzzy Selectors
  • Image
  • Anchors

Fuzzy Selectors in Uipath 

  • fuzzy selector helps to identify the UI element based on the pattern rather than exact attribute/input
  • More flexible to identify the element

Image Selectors in Uipath 

  • Work on pixels, identify the element located on the screen based on pixel match

Anchors Selectors in Uipath

  • It is used for unstable UI element
  • Mostly used when UI element has change

What are the Output Methods in UiPath

Full Text  Native  OCR
 It is the fastest Slow as compared to the full text speed is by far the lowest.
It can extract hidden text it Can’t Can’t
100% accuracy and can work in the background. it cannot work in the background; t cannot work in the background;
Compatible with window /UI compatible with applications that use Graphics Design Interface (GDI) compatible with applications  “reading” text from images
It can’t work with virtual environments it doesn’t support virtual environments. It works with virtual environments


Data table interview Questions 

What is The Object Repository in UiPath

The Object Repository ensures the below things

  • management
  • reusability,
  • reliability of UI elements by capturing them as objects in a repository,
  • You can share across the projects.
  • reusing UI taxonomies inside and across automation projects
  • Repository sharable across projects.
  • The repository is only available in the Modern Design Experience


What is the difference between the Modern and the Classic Design Experiences?


Classic Design Modern
It is the default design of UIpath studio, which means default enables Not enable by default


It’s not mandatories to work within containers Modern activities only work within containers
Targeting Methods
The selector is the most common targeting method for UI Elements


It follows the unified target, in a well-formed sequence.

  • Selector
  • Fuzzy sector
  • Image
  • Anchor
Unreliable in some cases because of the selector If any above selector fails then move to the next one
Manually change to fuzzy or anchor selector automatically pick a new selector if anyone fails to identify the UI element


Suppose we use a modern recorder in our automation, and then we switch to the classic design. What happens then?

  • All modern activity will disappear from the Activity panel
  • The classic recorder will show.
  • If any modern activity is used it will remain the same in the project.
  • Dependencies are added in the object repository


How we enable modern activity

  • From Activity window/show modern
  • A project level, enable modern

Can Data is passed in modern to the classic activity

  • Yes

How to set Modern Design Experience as default for all new projects in UIpath?

setting /Design /Use modern activity for new projects